Here i will tell some utilities to help you guys to customize your system…I will provide the link to download and also i have these softwares uploaded in box widget to help you guys for downloading…..


Cpuid is best site for sytem utilities..You can monitor your system activities from the softwares they are providing for free..This site provides more software utilities for benchmarking and monitoring your system activities..

If you want to check this out go to

File menu tools

When you working with windows,you will get some shortcuts using right context menu..But it doesn’t show the required shortcuts…It shows some basic things only…But you can customize this right context menu using a simple freeware called File menu Tools…This software allows you to add or remove more options to right context menu..

Check this out at FilemenuTools

Here you can also get some other freeware and shareware for your needs….

Desktop Resolution Changer

While you are working with some softwares or games you need to change the resolution of the desktop..This can be changed in windows from display properties..but it is somewhat a complex task..

There is a easy solution available for this..A small freeware application called Desktop resolution changer changes the resolution of the desktop with a single click and also you can set your own custom resolution to your desktop and enjoy….

Check this out at DesktopResChanger

Here you can also get other freeware utilities for your system….


If you need to measure any part of the screen at sometimes for your need or any other window or anything at your need…You can use Winruler to measure what you need….it is a freeware application from

Lock your minimized windows with password

When you working  with windows and you need to hide something from someone…So you try to minimize or close your application…If it is minimized someone can open and see it….But now this problem is solved by a freeware called LockThis from…When you install this application….after you can minimize your application and if you want to restore it you have to put password and then it resstore your application and you can start your work….This heps in protecting your data from others while you were working……


This software is used for those users who had worked with mac and changed to windows or working with both mac and windows…..This software includes mac operation or working with windows…It makes the user to work easy in both mac and windows…..You can get this at Maccomfort

Hp USB drive Format Software

When your pendrive is going wrong or not working….and you are trying to format it but it is not formatting also…At this point you can use an software from hp…they are given for all pendrives…and it recovers your pendrive and makes your pendrive works as good…Check this out at Hp USB