*Note u must not done system restore or defragment or format….if u done any of the above u cant recover ur files…*

Guys if u accidentally or somebody deleted the any file or files which u needed importantly…Just dont worry and u get back ur file as it is….Here i list the sites for recovery softwares which are free….and mostly usable in al conditions…

As the name specifies this software is  used for recovering your files from cd/dvd…if your cd/dvd become corrupt [ in the sense the files are not copying due to some error ] this software will recover  your files….

Cd recovery toolbox

This software has some different concept of recovering files from disk..it is faster than other files…

Undelete Plus

Another recovery software which has file size  less than 1mb portable file which recovers your deleted files whenever you needed…

Recover Files

As the name specifies this software is used for recovering files from hard disk …It also handles some complexion in recovering your files…Check their site for more details about it….

Disk digger

I will be updating this whenever i got a good free software and keep checking the pages….always..and comment it whether it is good or bad….

Another good stuff for recovering your datas…Try the restoration software for recovering your files and restoration file is available in box widget…

Comment it guys….