Guys u can find here some of the free software which will be alternative for the paid software and which will have more or less functionality compared to the paid software…nut instead of using cracked versions u can always use these free softwares because these are good enough and also will not harm anyone…

I found some articles about pirated softwares…just i will put the link for u guys and better study and dont use of illegal softwares or pirated…or cracked….follow the links below for the articles related to pirated softwares:

About the pirated software the symantec is telling that

About pirated softwares the softpedia is telling as

and also some other articles from other sites may be useful to stop pirating a software…



And at “last but not least” i found an statistics of software oiracy in country wise graph…so i am putting this links also…

Statistics of software piracy in countrywise