Hi guys…in computer every thing is related to softwares and hardwares…nothing is beyond that…I created this site for getting the useful softwares for free…it means of free software that is available in internet and here in this site i dont give any cracked softwares..You know guys all are intended only to get pirated copies of softwares and we work fine in that…but using pirated copies of softwares [ even games are also softwares ] in computer will harm the system now and then and will we open to all crackers or hackers those who are cracking the softwares and also it will be easy for the viruses to penentrate into the system..even if u had good antivirus softwares….So i recommend you guys to purchase any softwares or just use open source softwares instead of it or free software that is available on the internet…I will be info’s about the software and link to download them…some of them are may be available in box.net widget which is at the sidebar of the page…

My main intension is to avoid the pirated copies of the softwares….So i provided some info’s about the pirated copies of the software in page 5…..

Hope you like the site guys….If you need any softwares or anything related computers [ softwares or hardwares ] just ask me….their site will be published in home page….and in this site anything is bad means immediately you can comment it out otherwise contact me at karai_king@yahoo.co.in

….Advance Thanks for your great support guys….

Main thing is…this site is working on the….TAAGSi principle

TAAGSi means i Tried And Always Got Success

So everything you ask will be useful to you and others also……..

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