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Guys if you are having files with some unknown file extension and want to know about how to open these file in your pc or laptop…you can click the image and find your free program in that which opens your unknown file extension by searching for that file extension and also the site provides a free program to install in your pc and find the appropriate programs for your files within some clicks….

Help on the NET

A new and useful post for this new year….When you are working on your computer and got stuck at one place and thinking how to solve it by yourself…Just click the link tech support guy or click the images in the right of the side bar that refers “tech support guy” or “help on the net”…And post your queries there and you get your issue solved by yourself and you also become a techguy…And also spread this post as that site has solved my big problem of internet sharing to my computers….Check it out and comment it out guys as all your comments may be helpful to someone

Live stream

Guys if you want to stream your videos into the internet lively,there are so many places to do..You can do it professionally with paid services or free services..Check out the following links and find out which one suits you for the best free services for streaming your videos on to the internet for free and catchout your friends streaming also…if they are in that site….You can also catch out famous persons who are in these sites..


Guys while bookmarked somesites and try to open you will be fed upĀ  in finding the sites,if there are more bookmarks as i do..and also most of the bookmarks are not accessed at all times…May be nearly 20 to 30 bookmarks can be accessed daily otherwise nearly 40..So for these 40 sites you have to open and search in bookmarks menu and things goes crazy when u dont find them in urgent…

So here is a site [] which allows you to configure 43 bookmarks in a single page and shows them in ur profile..You have to register for free in the site and place your bookmarks in the profile page or your page and then just go on by choosing the required bookmarks…You dont have to login every time for the viewing the bookmarks just need to go your page directly and view and enjoy all the benefits provided by the site….

If u find this good or bad just comment it…Every comment will give a good experience…and sharing…

Guys you can search an image by the existing image

…Check out HERE for searching your image with the existing image..

This site goes on with reverse image search and found better result with by searching for a new image…

Try it yourself guys….dont trust me….and give your comments….