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Bookmark Manager

Fav Links

Fav Links is a bookmark manager in which you can manage your bookmarks as your wish..and also you create bookmark at home and you can access it anywhere in the world just by accessing your account in that site online…You can do more than just bookmarking the site….Want to find out more about fav links just click on the picture and do bookmarking…

Try it,comment it and spread it…..

When ever we want to look out for some details at some site we want internet.Some are having and some may not.This post will be useful for those who are not having internet at home and come to browse on netcafe’s.

Website Copier

Ht Track Website Copier

When we dont have internet and we go to netcafe for some sort of info and download the page and see it in home.If the info found on that page is having a link of another page which if we want to see means we will be fed up to go to netcafe once again…for solving this problem if we download the entire site in our pendrive or something like that it will be satisfied to browse through the site at offline and read the info which was needed..

So for this problem there are many software is available in net for downloading entire site and to browse it offline..i am going to show one of the software which can be used at free of cost i.e. HtTrack..which offers someĀ  more options in that of offline browsing a site…

Just click on the link and follow to download the httrack and enjoy offline browsing….Even this software may be useful for internet users at home also..try it,comment it and spread it…..

Resource Hacker

As the name resembles it hacks for your needs about some files…If you need to see something about the exe and dll files means this can help to you for viewing and also for editing…You can change the dialog box text as your wish an many more thing you can do with this…Try this…its a freeware and its not hacking….just tuning your system files….Check it out at “Resource Hacker” and comment it out guys….


Guys if you want to keep the existing copied text in the clipboard and also want to copy a new text means just follow this link and download ditto an extension for windows clipboard manager..It allows mutiple text that to be copied and pasted at the time when you needed and also keeps multiple images in its environment…If you want to paste any of copied texts or pics just click the icon on the taskbar and drag and drop the thing u want to paste..thats it…check it out and comment it out guys…